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MEET The Team

eric lewis
Eric Lewis
Managing Director

Eric moved from England to Australia in 1969 as a joiner and cabinet maker by trade. After spending six years in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), he moved to Queensland and started a construction company specialising in building car parks, pergolas, decks and patios. Eric later purchased a business franchise that focused on selling standard four-post shade structures. Recognising unfulfilled needs and gaps in the shade market, he sold his franchise in 1996 and started Advanced Shade Systems Queensland Pty Ltd. 

With more than 20 years’ experience in the shade structure industry, Eric has taken the company from strength to strength personally overseeing every design that leaves the production line. Along the way, he has continued to look for gaps in the market to better establish the Advanced Shade Systems brand within South East Queensland. Alongside Lorraine Shurbb, Eric has built long lasting relationships with both clients and suppliers which aid in the development of new and innovative products.

Eric’s high quality expectations, attention to detail, and his passion for the industry continue to feed the business and its growth. Eric is also passionate about gardening, rugby and motor sports.

Administration Team

Chris Jacobsen
Lead Designer and Sales Consultant

Chris is a designer with an honours degree in Industrial Design. He is a newcomer to the Advanced Shade Systems family, however, brings a wealth of design knowledge from having spent several years working as both an industrial designer and as a designer in the construction industry. Chris, as the lead designer, is responsible for the creation of all design concepts as well as the documentation required to manufacturer and install projects. He also is responsible for all graphic design work in the office and liaises with our external marketing team on a regular basis. 
In addition to his design qualifications, Chris regularly attends site consultations, meeting with clients to discuss their needs and how we as a company can best accommodate them. The amalgamation of this face to face interaction with his design abilities, Chris is able to create the unique shade systems that clients desire. 

Shane Haynes
Finance Manager

Shane is the finance manager at Advanced Shade Systems and has been in this position for over two years. He has qualifications in both accounting and information technology as well as more than ten years’ experience in administration positions. In addition to being the finance manager, Shane is responsible for the organisation of all site consultations and acts as the first point of contact between the general public, clients and, Advanced Shade Systems. 

Shane brings a wealth of knowledge to the business and routinely creates new systems from scratch to promote better work flow in the office and on site. 


Tracy Waalder
Project Manager

Tracy is considered one of the company’s best all-round contributors. She has been involved in most aspects of the business from installation, manufacture and administration and has since found herself in the role of project manager. As a part of her day-to-day duties, she is the main point of contact between Advanced Shade Systems and our suppliers and is responsible for all in-going and out-going product orders. Tracy is also responsible for compiling design proposals for distribution to the company’s clients. 

Her hands-on approach is of great value to the organization and her attention to detail has been paramount in the continuing relationships between suppliers and repeat clients. 

Production Team

Lorraine Shrubb

Co-Founder and Production Manager

Lorraine, alongside Eric has been a part of the shade structure industry for more than 20 years. She has been the production manager at Advanced Shade Systems since its’ inception and also takes great pride in being in control of quality assurance for each project. In addition to this, Lorraine personally cuts, sews and packs a large majority of the fabric shade sails the company sends out to site. 

Her long-term dedication to the business has seen the company and all its’ staff through periods of growth and conversely, periods of economic hardship. Lorraine is highly respected by all of Advanced Shade Systems employees as well as suppliers and clients. 

Kristina Haynes
Production Assistant

Kristina is our in-house production assistant. Working hard in our warehouse, Kristina assists with the cutting and sewing of our shade sails ready to be installed. 

Kym Wolfe
Production Assistant

Over the years Kym has been a great benefit to the company as a production asssitant. She helps Lorraine in whatever tasks need doing in order to ensure the best quality product is achieved. Kym has a broad knowledge of the industry and is very dedicated to the company.

Install Team

Gary Anger
Site Foreman

Gary is Advanced Shade Systems’ site foreman, responsible for overseeing all construction work on site. He has more than ten years’ experience in installing shade structures and along with Peter and Don, all projects are installed to the highest quality with attention to detail at the forefront. Gary’s rapport with suppliers and clients alike has placed him in a position where his workmanship is highly sought after. 

Recently Gary has taken time to being present in the office as well as on site to ensure that all scheduling of work aligns with our client’s expectations. He, along with Tracy, arrange site works so that items such as travel, equipment hire and install location all align allowing for a smoother more efficient process.

Peter Nielsen

Peter is the senior Installer with Advanced Shade Systems.

Donald Graham


Don is an installer with Advanced Shade Systems. As a recent addition to the company he has hit the ground running and become a valuable member of our team.

Riley Anger


Riley is an installer with Advanced Shade Systems. He is commencing an apprentiship in the shade sail industry.

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