Meet the Team

Eric Lewis
Managing Director

eric lewis
Eric moved from England to Australia in 1969 as a joiner and cabinet maker by trade. After spending six years in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), he moved to Queensland and started a construction company specialising in building car parks, pergolas, decks and patios. He later purchased a franchise business that focused on selling standard four-post shade structures. Recognising unfulfilled needs in the shade market, he sold his franchise in 1996 and started Advanced Shade Systems Queensland Pty Ltd.

Using the knowledge obtained from the franchise business, Eric started designing and installing shade sail systems. The manufacturing component of these shade systems were outsourced for the first three months after the business started. After the first three months, Eric and Lorraine decided to start manufacturing the sails themselves in order to obtain greater quality control over the production process. From that day on, Advanced Shade Systems has continued to evolve and adapt to new customer needs, new products and new opportunities.

Eric’s high quality expectations, attention to detail, and his passion for the industry continue to feed the business and its growth. Eric is also passionate about gardening, rugby and motor sports.


Lorraine Shrubb
Production Manager

Lorraine has been in the shade system industry for as long as Eric and is also the co-founder of Advanced Shade Systems. Lorraine has been the production manager here since the business started, and is also our quality manager. Her long-term dedication to the business has seen the company and its staff through promising and hard times. She is highly respected by all of our employees, suppliers and customers.



John Chapman
Design & Sales

John is our design and sales consultant with a solid knowledge of environmental planning and architecture. He has installed and designed shade sails for many years and is constantly bringing fresh ideas to the team. John can analyse a blueprint and bring it to life digitally, which helps us analyse and optimize all of our designs.





Julie-ann Sherwood 
Finance Manager    

Julie-ann is the financial manager of the company, beginning work with the company in 2013. She is responsible for performing all bookkeeping tasks, budgets and financial forecasts. The information contained within the reports she produces are used for short term actions and long term strategic planning.




Tracy Waalder tracy1
Project Manager       

Tracy is one of our company's best all-rounders. Over the years Tracy has been involved in installation, manufacturing and administration. Her hands-on approach is of great value to our organisation. 





Gary Anger gary_anger
Site Foreman

Gary is the site foreman for our company and has been with us for over six years. He enjoyed the opportunity to work interstate (South Australia) in 2010 during our Roxby Downs Leisure Centre project and continues to bring enthusiasm to our business.





Scott Bell-Booth

Scott is the lead installer in our team and has thorough knowledge of the planning and construction of our shade systems. He has a background in landscaping & design and actively helps to create the best shade for our clients. 





Kym Wolfekym
Production Assistant

Over the years Kym has been a great benefit to the company as a production asssitant. She helps Lorraine in whatever tasks need doing in order to ensure the best quality product is achieved. Kym has a broad knowledge of the industry and is very dedicated to the company.





Krista Eldridge kris1
Production Assistant

Krista is our in-house production assistant. She has been creating and maintaining our sails since 2014 in order to keep up with growing demand. Working hard in our warehouse, Krista assists with the cutting and sewing of our shade sails ready to be installed.




David Russell
Consultant & Assistant

David has recently joined the team to provide a helping hand to the many aspects of the business. He helps on-site to install new shade systems and remove existing sails for repair. David has also taken the role of IT consultant to help maintain a visual database of completed projects.

Peter is the Site Foreman for our company and has been with us for over four years. Peter has seen our companypeter_richie shift away from domestic installations and into purely commercial and goverment projects. His experience with projects of varying sizes is evident in his problem solving skills.