Shade for Swimming Pools, Sports and Recreational Areas

Runcorn Swimming Pool Complex

After the grand opening of the Runcorn Swimming Pool complex, the shade requirements for the exposed concrete area at the end of the 50m outdoor pool and the seating area running parallel to the pool became evident. The concrete would become very hot during the day and create a significant amount of glare, rendering the areas unsuitable for use. The biggest issues were:

  • Swimming coaches were unable to communicate with their students in the pool because of the heat and glare
  • Students were unable to make eye contact with their coaches because they would be looking directly into the sun
  • Visitors could not comfortably sit in the outdoor seating area as there was not shelter from the sun or the rain
  • Patrons were unable to store their belongings in the outdoor seating area because of its exposure to the sun and rain

The shade cloth used in the structure was Monotec 370 in 'Bundena' blue. The waterproof membrane is Hiraoka 104B in white.





Cleveland Aquatic Centre

cleveland pool 1

cleveland pool 2

cleveland pool 3

Hibiscus Swimming Pool

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Langlands Swimming Pool

langlands pool 1

Springwood Aquatic Centre

springwood aquatic centre 1

Tallebudera Tourist Park

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Bellbowrie Swimming Club



Rosewood Aquatic Centre