St Augustine's College

St. Augustine's College invited us to put forward a shade proposal for the outdoor area at the front of the school library. The objective of the project was to help make the area into an enjoyable space where outdoor classes could take place, and where students could read and eat their lunch outside of class time.

The combination of the new shade sails and the artificial turf (installed by others) produced an attractive, functional and creative space that the client is very pleased with.



Sheldon College

Sheldon College takes great pride in providing its staff and students with the best possible learning environment and facilities. The recent addition of a large, sheltered outdoor barbecue area is no exception.

The school asked us to provide some shade fabric and waterproof roof membrane solutions that would enable the area to be used all year. The final design selected by the college was a 12m x 12m waterproof conical structure on four posts. This design enabled us to create a large open and sheltered area, covering approximately140m2. The structure has a white powder coated frame which matches the beautifully tensioned Ferrari 802s vinyl top.The Ferrari 802s vinyl allows for natural light to pass through the fabric, significantly reducing the requirement and cost of artificial lighting.


Brisbane Boys College

This project was awarded a Special Commendation at the ACASPA EXPO 2011.

Brisbane Boys College commissioned a landscape architect to design a new outdoor amphitheatre at the school. We worked with the landscape architect to ensure that the area would have sufficient shade, and that the proposed shade design would positively contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the college.

The structure was designed and engineered in a cantilever shape which enabled us to fabricate the structure without any posts being required in the seating area itself. Any students or patrons seated in this area have an uninterrupted view of the performance being conducted in the amphitheater.

Designing a shade structure to be installed in the vicinity of heritage listed buildings will always be challenging because there are many stakeholders to satisfy. The client is very happy with the finished product as it not only provides excellent shade to the area throughout the days, but it also blends in beautifully with the surrounding architecture and landscaping.



St Mark's School

The purpose of the new shade structure at St. Mark’s School, Inala was to provide an effective shade system over the amphitheatre seating area without heavily impacting on the pedestrian pathways in the area. The challenge was to design a custom shade structure that would protect the area from sunlight and glare during school hours, while offering a full view of the cross from every seat in the theatre. The fabric used in this project is the Australian made Monotec 370 shade cloth in 'Koonungra Green'.



Kenmore State School

The new Dellor Membrane System allows the area to be illuminated by natural light during the day, reducing the need for additional lighting. The guttering system runs along the centre of the structure and down into the underground stormwater system which helps keep the ground dry and free of tripping hazards like grates and base plate footings.

By using top quality materials and fabricators we were able to deliver and effective an attractive waterproof membrane roof system that exceeds its original purpose. Much to the appreciation of the Parents and Teachers Committee, the children at Kenmore State School now have an outdoor area to play in that offers high levels of protection from the sun and the rain.




Ormiston College