Council Parks

Kurrawa Pratten Park

Advanced Shade Systems are proud to have been a part of the redevelopment of Kurrawa Pratten Park into the Gold Coast's first 'All Abilities Playground'.

The most unusual part of the projects was the design and fabrication of the anti-vandal devices. We designed these devices to look like fish and umbrellas, so they did not disrupt the theme of each area. Once installed, the anti-vandal devices proved to be one of the most commended parts of the shade project.



Short Street Park

After Brisbane City Council had installed brand new play equipment at Short Street Park in Rocklea, they quickly realised that the play area was in desperate need of shade. After meeting with a local council representative onsite, it was agreed that the council wanted a modern and vibrant shade system that would complement the new play equipment. 

The challenge was to design a shade system that covered the play equipment and the fall zones throughout the day, while also creating sufficient height and variations to minimise the potential of vandalism. For these reasons, the low posts and sail connections are at a minimum of four meters above ground height and the high posts and connections are six meters above ground height.



Cameron Rocks

The Local Government funded redevelopment of the Cameron Rocks fishing platform included sheltering the new composite wood and fibreglass deck with shade sails. The size, location and purpose of the deck generated some challenges that we successfully overcame. These included:

  • The sail posts could not be attached to the new deck, but had to be secured to the riverbed rocks below the platform
  • The natural environment surrounding the post footings had to be protected and preserved throughout the construction process
  • The high salinity of the Brisbane River meant that the posts, bolts and under-deck bracing struts had to be manufactured out of marine grade stainless steel and powder coated using a two coat system which consisted of a primer and a colour
Winner of an International Fabrics Association (IFAI) Outstanding Achievement Award 2010.



Battye Park

Battye Park was a unique job within the Ipswich City Council Region. The brief of the job was a carnival theme which was completed with flags on the tops of the structures and specially powder coated poles with polka dots. As well as this we were required to construct six-sided and four-sided shade structures with multiple colours over the structure.

battye park 1

battye park 3

Forest Lake Amphitheatre

We provided shade sails over the public amphitheatre area in Forest Lake, one of the unusual things we did during this job was creating a specialised hole in one of the shade sails to accommodate a pre-existing light.

forest lake 1

forest lake 2

Whites Hill Park

whites hill 1

whites hill 2

Fitzgibbon Chase



Settlers Park

settlers park 1

Coopers Plains Library


Adam Smiddy Park


Logan Hospital


Patterson Park


Karawatha Park